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LeRoyer Hospice

LeRoyer Hospice is a special way of caring for people with terminal illnesses and their families. Hospice treats the whole person. We strive to meet all of the patient’s needs-- physical, emotional, social and spiritual-- as well as the needs of the family. The family is directly involved in making decisions and in the care of a person they love. Whenever possible, hospice enables people with terminal illnesses to make decisions about how and where they want to spend the rest of their lives. The feeling of being in control helps patients keep up their spirits so they can make the most of each day. Hospice Emphasizes Pain Control - One of the major fears of the seriously ill is the fear of pain. In hospice, priority is placed on the control of pain. The goal is to achieve optimal control over pain with minimal alertness impairment. Living Life - Hospice helps patients achieve physical and emotional comfort so that they can concentrate on living as normally and meaningfully as possible.

What is the LeRoyer Hospice Philosophy?

Who is Eligible for LeRoyer Hospice Care?

Hospice provides care to terminally ill patients of all ages when curative therapy is no longer effective or desired.

Admission criteria include:

Who can refer patients to LeRoyer Hospice?

An individual can request to be a part of Hospice, or can be referred to the program by a physician, family, friend, clergy, nurse, social worker or others. Following a referral, an assessment is made to determine if the person meets the necessary criteria and is eligible for hospice care.

Who Provides Hospice Care?

Hospice services are provided by a medically supervised, interdisciplinary health care team consisting of a Medical Director, Registered Nurses, Social Services and Chaplain. Trained volunteers may also be utilized to provide services to patients and their families.

Hospice Services Include:

LeRoyer Hospice is primarily a home care program. We focus on home care and place importance on providing services in the home where patients are in familiar surroundings and close to their families.

Bereavement Services

Our bereavement services are designed to offer support and education to families during the period of grief. We have specially trained bereavement volunteers who are available to listen and assist families. We also have a variety of publications about grief. We keep in touch for one year following the death of a hospice patient. A Grief Support Group is available at Langlade Hospital on a weekly basis. For more information on this service, contact Spiritual Care Services at (715) 623-9213.

A periodic Memorial Service is held at Langlade Hospital and family members are invited to attend this service.

Home Care

We provide routine home care which involves periodic visits by registered nurses and other healthcare professionals to help patients live as comfortably as possible.

Help is Always Available

A member of the LeRoyer Hospice team is on call 24 hours a day and will come to the patient’s home if necessary.

For more information, call (715) 623-2331.

Tax deductible memorials and donations received are used for the LeRoyer Hospice patients. Memorial contributions enable Hospice to extend comfort, care and support to other patients and their families.

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